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Hip Hop News: Method Man Goes to School After Plea Deal

Posten on: 2008-06-19 22:26:48

As part of a plea deal reached following a marijuana sting earlier this year, Wu-Tang member Method Man was ordered to visit 15 city high schools to warn students about the dangers of drugs. The hip hop star, whose real name is Clifford Smith, "is thrilled to do it," defense attorney Peter Frankel said Friday. "He's never been in trouble before. He's not a stereotypical rapper." Method Man was arrested on May 17 after toll-booth workers on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel reported smelling marijuana smoke coming from his sport utility vehicle. He was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and drug possession after police said they found marijuana inside the SUV. Prosecutors knocked the drug charges down to disorderly conduct as part of the plea deal. Method Man has appeared in films and TV shows such as CSI, How High, The Wire, Garden State, and Soul Plane, among others. He took his stage name from the 1979 film The Fearless Young Boxer, also known as Method Man. His name also refers to the slang "method", meaning marijuana in his native Staten Island.

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Method Man Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Posten on: 2008-05-26 03:06:11

Here we go again.  Another rapper arrested for having weed.  Man these guys never learn.  Method Man (A.K.A. Clifford Smith) has been arrested for weed possession.  He was stopped by Five-O (that's police for Hawaii Five O) for a minor traffic violation and the cops found marijuana during searching his vehicle.  Rappers are not the smartest bunch of people on the planet are they?  Five-O, noticed that Method Man's 2005 Lincoln Navigator was expired and pulled him over at about 10 PM.  He was driving towards the Battery Tunnel in Brooklyn, NY. When Method Man rolled down his window, Five-O said he smelled pot and spotted two "blunts" and a plastic bag with more marijuana in plain view. Hide the weed fool!  Damn!  Method Man admitted to Five-O to having even more weed underneath his seat.      Method Man was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, criminal possession of marijuana, operating a motor vehicle under the influence and driving an un-inspected motor vehicle. I guess smoking all that weed does make you dumb as hell! Method Man Feat. Mary J Blige - All I NeedWu-Tang Clan - M.E.T.H.O.D. Man

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