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Medley of five Mercyful Fate songs:
Satan's Fall, Curse of the Pharaohs,
A Corpse Without Soul, Into The Coven and Evil.

They're walking by the night
The moon has frozen blue
Long black coats a shelter for the rain
Their load must get through

Now bats are leaving their trees
They're joining the call
Seven satanic hell preachers
Heading for the hall

Bringing the blood of a newborn child, yeah
Got to succeed, if not it's Satan's fall


Away out in Egypt in the valley of kings
Where the mummified pharaohs
Pretend dead in their sleep, yeah

Don't touch, never ever steal
Unless you're in for the kill
Or you'll be hit by the curse of the pharaohs
Yes, you'll be hit and the curse is on you, yeah

Oh, the curse of the pharaohs can be so deadly
Or just destroying your future
Making it all shady, yeah

Don't touch, never ever steal
Unless you're in for the kill (for the kill)
Or you'll be hit by the curse of the pharaohs
Yes, you'll be hit and the curse is on you


Listen (listen, listen), yeah
I'm a corpse, I'm a corpse
I'm a corpse without soul
Satan (Satan, Satan), yeah
He's taken, he's taken
He's taken his toll, he took it on me

I (I, I), yeah
I'm trapped, I'm trapped
I'm trapped in his spell
Tonight (tonight, tonight), yeah
I'm going, I'm going
I'm going to Hell, inside his spell


Howl like a wolf
And a witch will open the door
Follow me and meet our high priestess

Come, come into my coven
And become Lucifer's child

Undress 'til you're naked
And put on this white coat
Take this white cross and go to the centre of the ring

Come, come into my coven, yeah-ee-yeah
And become Lucifer's child


I was born in the cemetery
Under the sign of the moon
Raised from my grave by the dead
And I was made a mercenary
In the legions of Hell
Now I'm king of pain, I'm insane, yeah

You know my only pleasure is to hear you cry
I'd love to hear you cry
And I'd love to see you die
And I'll be the first to watch your funeral
And I'll be the last to leave
I'd love to hear you cry

And when you're down beyond the ground
I'll dig up your body again
And make love to shame
Oh, lady cry, and say goodbye (goodbye)
Oh, lady cry, and say goodbye

Yeah, you gotta say goodbye
Yeah, 'cause I will eat your mind
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