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You found out I've been cheatin' and then you left you had a good reason
But I never meant to do anything to ever hurt
You and that ain't no lie this is the truth
Baby I loved you I really did and when I whispered I need you I meant what I said
But now you don't want me around and Lord that's got me down
Cause baby I loved you I really did
[ guitar ]
I found out lately you've been cheatin' too
Ad I doubt that it's hurtin' me like it's hurtin' you
Now you know how it feels to make love that ain't real
And if we ever try again I'm sure we'd be closer now than then
Baby I loved you I really did
And when I whispered I need you I meant every word I said
I didn't wanna tie you down I just wanted to be around
Cause baby I loved you I really did cause baby I loved you I really did
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