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Matthew Good Band - A Better Pain guitar tab

not exactly by the MGB...but anyway..

A Better Pain (aka the best acoustic song EVER)

Capo 2nd fret

all chords relative to capo, except those indicated otherwise

this tab is pretty accurate, and its a difficult song to play...




C:x32033 (sometimes he uses an open high e with this chord, user discretion is advised)




crazy G2(for lack of a better name, not relative to capo):12, 11, 0, 0, 12, 12

crazy G2 (also not relative):760077

verse (lots of palm muting and use of power chords in place of regular chords):

Em G C

intro fills are simply 0h2 or 0h3 hammer-ons on strings A D G and B E respectively

at the part where single notes are picked, pick out single notes from the Em and C chords

"Aren't you glad..."

Em crazy G1 crazy G2 C

"Welcome home..."

Em C A C* A

*do a 'walk down' of this c chord, play the normal chord first, then move the note on the

A string to the 2nd fret. You should hear what I'm talking about when you listen to the



C2 D Em (3x)

Em crazy G1 crazy G2 C

that should be it.

this song is confusing, and therefore the tab is a bit confusing too. hopefully after

listening to the song a few times, you can hear and understand what Im trying to say. Good


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