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Well, I've been waiting for just the right
To tell you what's on my mind
I don't know exactly how to say it
But I do think that it's about time
I do know that you've been working all day
And I know that you could use the rest
But I've got a little proposition for you baby
No tell me what you think about this


Let's do the night shift baby
I mean all night long
Do what comes naturally
'Til the bread of dawn
We'll toss and turn and roll and shout
And love every minute we can
Let's do the night shift baby/mama
(Yeah) I'm ready to dance

Hey, Let's go down to Coyote's Lounge
I hear they got a pretty good band
Yeah, we'll take it somewhere where the
lights are low
If we still ain't ready to quit
Who knows we might even give a brand new
To doing the night shift

Repeat Chorus Twice

Let's do the night shift, honey
Well, I'm ready to dance
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