Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye - All the Way 'Round

Not there days ago

In a place no one knows

Someone took the life of the man

Who killed my wife

She'd been forced by a gang

I swore that all would hang

Now their leader's dead

It was me who took his head

Tonight I'm on the run

But I won't rest 'til it's done

On and on I'll flee

'cause I know they're out for me

I can't sleep tonight

I'm ready for a fight

Now it's first degree

And the cops are hunting me

Get away

Tonight I'll get away

Get away

Tonight I'll break away

Get away

Tonight I'll far away

Get away

No one will catch me

Don't give up, it has to be

Such a long night

But I know it's me who's right

Surely I'll escape

All the time I'll stay awake

A knife in my fist

I have got to take the risk

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