Marty Robbins

Marty Robbins - Eighteen Yellow Roses guitar chord

Words & music by Bobby Darin

also recorded by Marty Robbins, Texas Tornados


(D)Eighteen yellow (A)roses came to(D)day

Eighteen yellow (A)roses in a pretty bou(D)quet (D7)

When the (G)boy came to the door

I (D)didn't know what to say

But (A)eighteen yellow roses came to(D)day

I opened up the (A)card to see what it (D)said

I couldn't believe my (A)eyes

When I had (D)read (D7)

Though (G)you belong to another I (D)love you anyway

Yes (A)eighteen yellow (A7)roses came to(D)day

(Dm)I never doubted your love for a (D)minute

(Dm)I always thought that you would be (D)true

(Dm)But now this box and the flowers (D)in it

(Dm)I guess there's nothin' left for (Em)me to (A)do

But (D)ask to meet the (A)boy that's done this (D)thing

And find out if he's got (A)plans to buy you a (D)ring (D7)

'Cause (G)eighteen yellow roses will (D)fade and die one day

But a (A)father's love will never fade a(D)way

Will never fade away

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