Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler - This Is Us

Off to the woods for to catch a groundhog.

Oh, groundhog.

Run here Sally with a ten foot pole, (repeat)

To twist that whistle-pig out of his hole.

Oh, groundhog.

Here comes Sal with a snicker and a grin, (repeat)

Groundhog gravy all over her chin.

Oh, groundhog.

Look at them fellers, they're a-goin' wild, (repeat)

Eat that hog before he's cooked or biled.

Oh, groundhog.

I dug down but I didn't dig deep, (repeat)

There laid a whistle-pig fast asleep.

Oh, groundhog.

Now the meat's in the cupboard and the butter's in the churn, (repeat)

If that ain't groundhog I'll be derned.

Oh, groundhog.

Well you eat the meat and save the hide, (repeat)

Make the best shoestring ever was tied.

Oh, groundhog.

Look at them fellers, they're about to fall, (repeat)

Eat till their britches won't button at all.

Oh, groundhog.

Little piece of cornbread a-layin' on the shelf, (repeat)

If you want any more, you can sing it yerself.

Oh, groundhog.

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