Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler - One World

Dire Straits


(Mark Knopfler)

Can't find no sleeves for my records

Can't get no laces for my shoes

Can't get no fancy notes

On my blue guitar

Can't get no antidote for blues

Can't find the reasons for your actions

Or I don't much like the reasoning you use

Somehow your motives are impure

Or somehow I can't find the cure

Can't find no antidote for blues

They say it's mostly vanity

That writes the plays we act

They tell me that's what everybody knows

There's no such thing as sanity

And that's the sanest fact

That's the way the story goes

Can't get no remedy on my TV

There's nothing but the same old news

They can't find a way to be

One world in harmony

Can't get no antidote for blues

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