Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler - Nobody'S Got The Gun


(Mark Knopfler)

Nobody's got the gun

nobody's trying to get the drop on anyone

nobody's standing out on main street

with the sun blazing down

saying ''there's only room for one of us

in this here town''

nobody's got to be the number one

nobody's got the gun

she may not understand

and she may want you eating from her hand

if she's got you in a corner

and you can smell the smoke and flame

you reach for your revolver

to do the same

you'll blow your love away forever, number one

nobody's got the gun

you may think love is hard enough

you may never get to rehearse

and you can do without this stuff

making everything worse

she's just the same as you

she needs your love just like you want her to

you can't go playing poker

with a pistol in your sleeve

you can't make somebody love you

by threatening to leave

if you want a love forever, number one

nobody's got the gun

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