MARK B & BLADE - Ya Don't See The Signs

Will I be rated as one of the greatest rappers on the planet.. I doubt it!

Will Mark be rated as on e of the greatest producers.. I doubt it!

It's not 'cause we ain't good

It's 'cause we're from London that means we're stigmatised

We can't be original, to hell with that prehistoric thinking

Just because your ship's sinking it doesn't necessarily mean that ours is

I'm known for Carhartt jeans, not ties and trousers

Your life style is safe as houses, mine is unorthodox

Aural ecstasy.. we never had no videos on the box

Rap's Rambo! One man army had it with your mumbo jumbo

Switching roles now I'm Columbo

Investigating the scene, exposing all perpetrators

How dare you compare yourself to Jesus claiming you came to earth to save us

Step to the centre stage when you see me yell May Day

We ain't here to play, we're here to slay, you better pray

You can bring Robocop, Terminator, Superman, Batman

But none of them could handle this madman


You don't see the signs because you're blind

You're running out of time, I'm losing my mind, it's a crime

Stand back and watch a professional rapper rhyme

Put the mic down boy, the show is mine

I don't have time to worship idols.. that's for idiots

Triple check the ingredients, strictly no chameleons

On a scale of one to ten you're a zero, nothing

Learn before you shoot your mouth off, try to give 'em something

To think about! Work your brain muscles. This hustler hustles

Daily from the second the sun rises till it's gone again

The arrival of the full moon means it's time to perform again

The damage is done with one performance then I'm off again

If something ain't correct we cut it off from the stem

It'll be the same the next month.. warn your men

Cordon off your area in your feeble attempts

To try to catch this superior rhymer that's out to bury ya!

In the confusion you're all about to witness the birth of

A showdown, a monumental throwdown

I got the world in the palm of my hands

And as things stand I intend to steal your fans

From under your nose whether you're friends or foes

I've been watching you! You been looking dead at your shows

And as it goes you're the cons who've been acting as pros

One of the days you'll be exposed!


Lets be realistic you ain't artistic. You're simplistic

Ripping off songs that already existed. You go ballistic

When we tell you the facts, play the evidence you lose control of your emotions

Couldn't hack it 'cause you think the world should rotate around what you do

But you're sadly mistaken

Here's a rude awakening.. You ain't gonna win!

This whole game's full of amateurs, fake characters,

Human beings acting mechanical, enter the cannibals

That's us! The mission is to crush with the least amount of fuss

Turning leeches into dust 'cause it's a must

He's a beat programmer, I'm a savage and my

Weapon's grammar, you're the nail, I'm the hammer

Backstabbers don't survive long when my mic's on

Hypocrites are paralysed, crushed by the unknown

Destroyer destroying phoneys.. those that act up

Step to the front but bring your back up

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