Madonna - Goodnight And Thank You lyrics

Goodnight and thank you Huevo

She is in every magazine

Been photographed, seen, she is known

We don't like to rush, but your case has been packed

If she's missed anything, you could give her a ring

But she won't always answer the phone


Oh but it's sad when a love affair dies

But we have pretended enough

It's best that we both stop fooling ourselves


Which means ...


(Che and Eva:)

There is noone, noone at all

Never has been, and never will be a lover, male or female

Who hasn't an eye on, in fact they rely on

Tricks they can try on their partner

They're hoping their lover will help them or keep them

Support them, promote them

Don't blame them, you're the same


Goodnight and thank you Emilio

You've completed your task

What more can we ask of you now?

Please sign the book on the way out the door

And that will be all, if she needs you she'll call

But I don't think that's likely somehow


Oh but it's sad when a love affair dies

But when we were hot, we were hot

I know you'll look back on the good times we've shared

Which means ...

(chorus, substituting "blame her" for "blame them", sung only by Che)


There is no soap, no soap like Zaz

No detergent, lotion, or oil with such power in the shower

It's the mother and father of luxury lather

The talk of the bath, the great ointment

One little frolic with new Zaz carbolic

You're scented, you'll be sent


Goodnight and thank you Senor Jabon

We are grateful you found her a spot on the sound radio

We'll think of you every time she's on the air

We'd love you to stay but you'd be in the way

So do up your trousers and go


Oh but it's sad when a love affair dies

The decline into silence and doubt

Our passion was just too intense to survive


Which means ...


This is a club I should never have joined

Someone has made us look fools

Argentine men call the sexual shots

Someone has altered the rules


Fame on the wireless as far as it goes

Is all very well but every girl knows


She needs a man she can monopolize

With fingers in dozens of different pies


Oh but it's sad when a love affair dies

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