Madonna - Get Up lyrics

Time: 1:29


Get out of bed

And you look in the mirror

As my hate in your head

Doesn't get any clearer

The boss just said

You're gonna lose your job

You're gonna lose your thing

If you're late

Later the weatherman said

It's gonna be sunny

And it starts to rain

And you don't think it's funny

So you visit your friends

But there's no one home

And you don't have a dime

And you can't even call them on the phone

So get up

Get up (repeat 6 times)

Your stomach so empty

And you need some food

So you just suck yourself

But it just doesn't do any good

You think about going home

So you can be a mistake

Does there never change nothing above

About the sinners view

And the wasting of time

And wanna grap your hair

And pull you in line

So get up

Get up (repeat 6 times

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