Lush - Tinkerbell lyrics


Everybody knows a woman like me

Insecurity is my philosophy

I see other women as the competition

I'm always nice to men and so they're nice to me

But other girls always seem to be bitchin' about me

I say they must be jealous

I say that its because their boyfriends all fancy me

Close my eyes and fantisize

Of all men envying me

So much fun to be number one

What good are sisters to me?

I just can't relate to some men

Unless I use my sexuality

Normal conversation always leave me insecure

Men are so much more approachable

Clever, kind and intellectual

And I never feel uncomfortable in their company

Male appreciation is my one ambition

Its a competition I must win

When I talk to girls its just monotonous shit

Because I don't want their friendship just their jealousy

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