Lush - Lovelife guitar tab

lovelife (anderson)

transcribed by d. parrish



Bb x13331

Bb6 x13333

Gm 355333

Bm x24432

F# 244322

Fsus 133311

Intro (Miki): Emma:

C G Bb F e--8-7----8-7----8-7------6-5----6-5--------------------

C G Bb F b------8------8------8--------6------6--8-8------------- 2x

Verse 1:

C G Bb F plays top three notes of these chords

C G Bb F barred with 6th-string root (xxx889 etc.)

C Bb6 C Bb6 same chords as Miki

C Bb6 Gm F

C Bb6 Gm F

Chorus 1:

Em Am Bm F e----0---0---0----0---0---0----2---2---2----1---1---1---

Em Am Bm F b-----0---0--------1---1--------3---3--------1---1------

g------0---0--------2---2----4---4---4----2---2---2----- 2x



Verse 2:

C G Bb F same as 1st verse

C G Bb F

C Bb6 Gm F

C Bb6 Gm F

Chorus 3:

Em Am Bm F e----7---7---7----5---5---5----7---7---7-----8---8---8--

Em Am Bm F b-----8---8--------5---5--------7---7---------8---8----- 2x


Verse 3:

C G Bb F same as intro

C G Bb F

C G Bb F

C G Bb F

Chorus 3:

Em Am Bm F follows same pattern as Chorus 1

Em A Bm D for all these chords

F# F (Fsus)


C G Bb F (4x) same as intro

end on C


dave parrish

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