Lush - Ex lyrics


Once upon a time I knew how to make you happy or make you blue

Guess I'll be the same again, but it's not that easy to just be a friend

Look at where we are today with our pointless efforts to lay the blame

Maybe things can never work after so much betrayal and so much hurt

We're in the same position but a million miles apart

Maybe things will work eventually, but I just don't know where to start

When love has gone away

Something takes it's place

Does it really have to be hate?

So, what's it gonna be?

It's up to you and me

I just hope it isn't too late

Things you say to me, to love and hate you. (???)

For all the pain, all it does is get us nowhere

Yes, maybe in the end, we can be good friends want to but it isn't easy

Woah! (7x)

So, love has been and gone, how do we go on?

Is there something still worth saving?

Well, what's it gonna be, we can wait and see

Tell me, do you think we'll make it?

Let's stop the silly games, dishing out the blame

I know that we feel the same way

This doesn't have to be such a tragedy

Everything will work out some day

Well, maybe in the end, we can just be friends, I want to but it isn't easy

Yes, maybe in the end, we will be good friends, this is how it really should be

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