Lucero (Latin)

Lucero (Latin) - ¿Qé Te Ganaste?

Let's go all the way

You all say sometime too much

It never means anything

It's almost like negating me

This is the world i'm waking up from

I thought that i was one of you

But i've got so much more to do

I'll only grow old by numbers

When the world is new again

I aspire to be a hooligan

This is the world i'm waking up to

Like a molten saturday

The world's gonna flatter me

Infinity is a man and his failures

Youth is your cellmate age is the jailer

But cracks remain when a human heart shatters

All the way down hollywood blvd

All the way down silver lake blvd

All the way down main street

All the way down bradway

All the way down broadway

All the way down the MLK

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