Lostprophets - For All These Times Son For All These Times Bass guitar tab

Band: lostprophets

Song: For all these times son, for all these times

Tuning: 4-string C A D G (its not nessesery to tune down your whole bass)

if you don't want to tune it down to C you can also play it in D play all notes two

lower 8 is 6 4 is 2 etc. etc. play te last to riffs off the verse open D

Tabbed by ClosedRoad

Intro first guitar then


G ----------------------------------------------------------------------|

D ----------------------------------------------------------------------| 2x

A ----------------------------------------------------------------------|

C -8888888888888888-4444444444444444-6666666666666666-8888888888888888--|


G -------------------------------------------------|

D -------------------------------------------------| 2x

A -------------------------------------------------|

C -88-88-8888--44-44-4444--22-22-2222--00-00-0000--|

After verse

G ---------------------------|

D ---------------------------| listen for perfect timing

A ---------------------------|

C -88-88-888888-88-----8888--|


G ----------------------------------------|

D ----------------------------------------| 2x

A --22222222-777777777--------------------|

C ---------------------88888888-66666666--|

Part II 2x

G -------------------------------------------| if you listen carfully you can

D -------------------------------------------| here he plays high and some

A --22222222---------------------------------| riffs, if you got them feel

C -----------44444444--888888888-66666666----| free to correct me.

lipgloss times part play intro 2x

after verse 1x

(drums and vocals no bass)

Chorus part II 2x

Intro 2x

after verse 2x

End on

G ------|

D ------|

A ------|

C --8~--|

that's it

feel free to correct me

Have fun

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