Lorrie Morgan

Lorrie Morgan - Heart Over Mind

Well he walked into the room with his love d'jour

She was a pony-tail porcelain doll

She was draped on his arm like a fine mink fur

She was at his beck and call

I couldn't hear a word he said

But I've heard it all before

And like a rusty hinge on an eerie night when you slowly close the



He sends chills up and down, up and down my spine

He does it to me every time

It's just a case of heart over mind

But still somehow he gets to me

And I ain't deaf and I ain't dumb or blind

It's just an elementary simple case of heart over mind

Well he walked into my live with a savoir fair

Oh the things he could say with a smile

And I fell in love on the spot right there

Good Lord that man has style

Now I know better than to take him back but I take a second look

'Cause I still get weak when he walks my way

'Cause he sure does a body good

Chorus to fade

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