Little River Band

Little River Band - This Place

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

I've got blonde hair blue eyes

The Barbie doll type

Got my nose turned up that's right

So take a picture

I'm wearing all black with spikes

Got my boots and my tattoos

I'm hard and I'm hating on you

I'm a bad ass

I'm not just like what you think I'd be

I don't act like what you think I'd be

No, No, No, You don't know me

Don't judge a book by its cover that's not what we like

Inside's where it lies don't think you know me from outside

Labels are just cliques that misinterpret our lives

Know me for who I really am

I'm over those Cliques

There's glasses over my eyes

Nobody cares what I look like

My grades run my life

I'm unnoticed

I'm not the girlie girl type

My game is my life

I'm playing on friday nights

I'm just one of the guys

Oh oh oh oh

clique click clique click

woop woop

You don't know me!

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