Little River Band

Little River Band - Face In The Crowd



Is this the night I finally will see you ? Is this the time I've waited for so long ? Night after night I play this show without you can't help but think about you in every song Back in the wings somebody says "five minutes" and soon the lights will dim out in the hall I check the mirror, at the side of the stage I'm waiting ready to meet the one I want most of all Chorus : I see your face in the crowd and I am crazy for you you see me crying out loud millions of faces, a sea before me, I can see only you are the face in the crowd With every song I really get to know you a crowd of one, though there's 20.000 more we are alonein the midst of all this madness will you be there when I walk out the backstage door ? Chorus Before I know it the show's at its conclusion I close my eyes on this visual love affair and as I leav the theatre crowds are waiting I turn to sign the last book and you are there I saw you face in the crowd and I am crazy for you ...

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