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What is your appetite, a candy coated fight
what gets you satsified territory occupied
what are you willing to partake
what are you willing to explore
do you think the red is fake
does it grey the more it poors

don't tell me about opportunities, no no
don't tell me about the majorities or the minorities
yeah, yeah, yeah yeah

I'm ready now, pop bang wow
i'm ready now, pop bang wow
can't get enough, pop bang wow
i'm ready, said i'm ready now
for a pop wow wow wow wow

what color are those eyes
what color are those lies
what color is that skin
weapon of mass destruct sin if you do sin if you don't
pleasure if you will pain if you won't
and as the greater purpose is fulfilled
collateral damage, innocents killed

don't tell me about opportunities, now no
don't tell me about the majority, or the superiority
or the minorities, yeah yeah no
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