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Retrace the steps that led us here.
Prints fade to an open eye.
There is no turning back.
Face the world with no remorse.
How can you think my pain is free?
A twelve gauge face lift is what you have comeing.
how many will suffer because youre blinded by greed.
Now that youre gone my life can begin.
What was your motive?
Annihlate the dreams of mankind?
(Salacious kacle) now youre faced with a 12 gauge face lift now youre faced with full chamber roulette.
You will die by vindictive hands.
You will feed my wrath.
One more squeals the bullet finds it way straight to you skull.
The moment has been seazed.
images nailed to my eyes.
Reality breaks my concept of revenge.
Now its time for the revalution.
annihlate what stand on the dead.
A hopeless state of mind will overcome everyone AgianSt me.
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