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Love Is A Rose - Linda Ronstadt version

Key: C  	 

Cadd9 	  	 C 	  	 F 	  	 G
030010 	  	 032010 	  	 x03211 	  	 320033 	 

Intro:  Strum Cadd9 (let ring, hammer on E to sound C)

Cadd9 	 C 	 Cadd9 	 C 	 F 	   	 C 	 

C 	  	  	  	 F 	  	 C 	 
Love  	 is a  	 rose   	 but you 	 better 	 not 	 pick  	 it 
C 	  	  	  	 G 	  	 C 	 
It 	 only 	 grows 	 when 	 it's 	 on 	 the 	 vine
C 	  	  	  	 F 	  	 C 	 
Hand 	 full of 	 thorns 	 and you know 	 you 	 missed 	 it
C 	  	  	  	 G 	  	 C 	 
Loose  	 your 	 love 	 when  	 you say 	  the 	 word 	 mine

Verse 1
F 	  	  	  	 C 	  	  	 
I 	 wanna 	 see 	 what's 	 never 	 been 	 seen
G 	  	  	  	 C 	  	  	 
I 	 wanna 	 live 	 that 	 age 	 old 	 dream
F 	  	  	  	 C 	  	  	 
Come  	 on  	 boy 	 let's 	 go     	 to     - 	 get   - 	 her 	  	 
G 	  	  	  	 C 	  	  	 
Let's  	 take  	 the 	 best 	 right 	 now


Verse 2
C 	  	  	  	 F 	  	 C 	 
I 	 wanna 	 go 	 to an 	 old 	 hoe 	 down 
C 	  	  	  	 G 	  	 C
Long  	 a     - 	 go  	 in a 	 west  - 	 ern  	 town
C 	  	  	  	 F 	  	 C 	 
Pick 	 me 	 up 	 cause my feet 	 are 	 draggin"
C 	  	  	  	 G 	  	 C 	 
Gimme a 	 lift 	 and I'll 	 hay 	 your 	 wagon

Chorus  (Repeat and Fade) 
C 	  	  	  	 F 	  	 C 	 
Love 	 is a  	 rose
C 	  	  	  	 G 	  	 C 	  	 
Love 	 is a  	 rose

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