LIL ROB - The Villains in Blue lyrics

[Royal T]

It's a cold world, so my heaters stay hot

My shank stays sharp, don't make me stick in in your heart

Body snatcher, don't make me reach out and touch you

Fuck Royal T? Nah homey, fuck you

It's a new year time to get shit clear

Anybody cross me gonna quickly disappear

I'm still pimped out, still spit the shrimp out

Still gangsta boogie, still knock a simp out

Still hitting corners, still hitting switches

Still on the Low with some bad ass bitches

All loc'd out all dressed in blue

To the head to the fed and the you know who

Behind ten getting bent in my blue Navigator

Looking in my mirror at these fucking tail-gatters

From Dago to Japan I'm still the shit

To the one with more ice to get you frostbit

[Chorus x2: Frank V (Lil' Rob)]

Everything you heard was true

About the villains in blue

Three deep in a rag 62

Hitting switches like bitches after the brew

And pulling homicides on snitches like you

(That's what we do)

[Frank V]

Everything you heard was real on the really

I drink like a fish and I pack a nine milli

Fuck them rumors man, I'll tell you the dilly

Yeah I went to jail cuz I slapped a bitch silly

Frank Villy, California's most hated

The last ten years I think I been underrated

Other rappers with half my skill got top bill

While I payed my own way just to rock the steel

But I ain't tripping just hoe ripping, dough flipping

If I don't got my nine then I'm .44 gripping

The year two-thou, there shall be no slipping

Just hysterical lyrical ass whippings

Keep on dipping, no time for tricking

The day's getting shorter and time keeps ticking

That shit was true that you heard about me

Motherfucking Mexican, motherfucker, Frank V

[Chorus x2]

[Lil' Rob]

I guess we all pay the agony for the extasy

I don't want anyone around me I don't nobody next to me

You understand? Yeah you know what I mean

Cuz I mean what I say, homeboy stay away

I'm in a class of my own and I hold my own

And I write my own shit, won't stop till I control shit

Lil' Rob be the bomba and everybody knows it

Case closed, Lil' Rob the man who closed it

Ferocious, explosive, when I grab the mic

You don't like daylight? I'll turn this motherfucker into night

I could do things you couldn't imagine

I'm guarenteed to be the last man standing and the last man laughing

Bigger balls than cannons, deeper than Grand Canyons

All up in this girl's ass like a g-string when she's tanning

I'm one of a kind, genuine, and that's ok though

Putting it down for Los Angeles y San Diego

[Chorus x2]

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