LIL ROB - Superbad lyrics

LiL Rob ~Superbad~

[Lil Rob]

My bad (my bad) my bad (my bad)

I turned a good girl to superbad..

This pretty young thing's a freak

I know you're mad but that's just too bad, c'mon

[Chorus: Lil Rob] + (Girl)

And if you're down tonight, I know that I can make you feel alright

Triple X rated baby that's what I'm like, loosen up don't be so uptight

(Baby I'm down to ride - all night - with or without the lights)

(Cause you, know just what I like - so I'll be superbad girl tonight)

[Lil Rob]

I never really been the kind of guy

to get up and go hit the club

But I was, scrapin by and I was high

thought to myself I said what the fuck (hey what the fuck)

(let me see what's happenin) I walked in with an evil grin

Proceded walkin over to the bar and there you are (and there you are)

I had to ask who you were

where you been, then look you up and down again

Let's get the fuck out baby and, take your friend (let's go)

I'm a gentlemen, but I get triple X tambien

I get, sick with it love it and I can't pretend

When I'm up into ya hopin it never ends

I, don't want to brag, I don't mean to boast

But I'm one bad homeboy from the West cooooooooooast

There ain't no stoppin your ass, whoa

Later on I'll be up in that ass, ho!


[Lil Rob]

My bad (my bad) my bad (my bad)

I turned a good girl to superbad..

Yeah, I know I'm fast I'd hate to waste yo' time

I'm not tryin to fall in love, not tryin to make you mine (hell naw)

I just think that we can have some fun

I really want to go and I really want you to come

(Don't you want to come with me?)

What do you say, don't you like to play?

If so, then we can play until the break of day (oh yeah)

You look so good, good enough to eat

I bet you taste so sweet, excuse me I'm just a freak (fo' sho')

And I don't mean no disrespect

I just really wanna kiss and lick your neck (mm-hmm)

Send chills up and down your spine

I can't help myself baby you're just way too fine (uh-huh)

What'chu expect, some kind of pickup lines?

Helllll no, I just wanna blow your mind (blow your mind)

Cut to the chase, get straight to the point

Let's escape this place, let me get naughty wit'cha body c'mon


[Lil Rob]

Girl you gonna tell your mom and dad

You went from good girl to superbad? (Don't tell 'em)

It all started with a one night stand

I gave the best sex you've ever had (and now you're superbad)

It got hot, you ripped off your clothes

Followed me over to the bed (she followed me)

Hit me, just like Mary J

And baby went straight to my head (yes she did)

She was, soakin wet and drippin with sweat

And I was, givin her somethin that she won't forget

She went home with me, somethin she won't regret

Sex so good it should come with a cigarette (he-heh, yeah)

Three hours in, baby doll's a 10

So I had to lick her up and down again

She said your ride have been more than a ride

Here's my number if you're down for tomorrow night, alright


[Lil Rob: repeat 4X]

My bad (my bad) my bad (my bad)

I turned a good girl to superbad..

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