LIL ROB - Str8 Jackin' lyrics


First Verse:Lil'Rob

Str8 jackin', still warein' all blue

Killin' haters,hackin' and knockin' up bitches to

Still doing drive by's and doing 'em old school

Whatcha gonna do

homie you got something to say

Califas Westside Gang

Will jack you in tha face

Turnin' corner blockshitin' switches everyday

Hitin' my bass up and you can hear a mile away

Still smokin' cronic

cause I want it

Makes me fill good cause im still brown and smokin'

Sparks flyin' open

From tha gat that im holdin'

This is for tha homies

And all tha others that know me

In this world you cant get by with luck

You got to get money,big ball motherfuck

Str8 jackin' to tha ones who doubt me

I'll pour a glass of henessy and say it loudly

Hook: I'll jack yall up

str8 jackin', str8 jackin'

What, what

Yall can test me but you aint getin nothin' x2

Second Verse :[Mr. Shadow]

Step a lil closer, cause I ain't scared

I'll laugh like a joker, and tear you up to shreads

Tha homie all in blue

That be me what it to you

Im str8 up jackin' killin' fools that even new you

Lil' Rob in tha lac

me in tha back

Night ridein' tryin' to find bitches to collect

Str8 jackin' to tha apacalyps

Whatcha gonna do

Lil' Rob all in blue

Back beside ya house with a nine milli to

Bought a couple of spray cans to spray this place down

Tha way we spray and grind you can give us tha Royal crown

Str8 jackin' from tha caddilac sound

tha shadow in tha street

Tha shadow that you see

My homie right beside me lil' R-O-B

Don't fuck wit me

I'll jack you up

Your not tha kind of vato to ride wit us you see

No llores pinche puto I'll bring tha westside Heat

Hook;(Mr.Shadow): I'll jack yall up

Str8 jackin', Str8 jackin'

What, What

Yall can test me but you aint getin' nothin' x2

Third Verse Lil'Rob and (Mr.Shadow)

I wont give up shit (I'll just give you a glare)

Str8 jackin' without a cause (Bustin' nines cause I ain't Scared)

You hear me in your dreams

(You hear me in tha streets)

You here tha Sound of my shot guuun

(You here tha sound of my Shot guuun)

Background:Str8 jackin' for fuuun x2

Hook:( Mr.Shadow and Lil'Rob Together)

I'll jack yall up

Str8 jackin' str8 jackin'

What, What

Yall can test me but you aint getin' nothin' x2

(Bridge) You can here tha sound

Tha sound from my gun

You can't runaway, can't Dodge, can't jump

Cause I'll jack yall uuup

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