LIL ROB - Stop, Look & Listen lyrics


This is the MCI operator

I have a collect call from..DREAMER

Who is an inmate in a California State prison

To accept charges press 5 now {beep}

Your call is being connected

Thank you for using MCI

[Lil Rob]

Sup ese

What's up ese... what you know me man?

Si mon I'm your best homey and you don't even know me

This vato came up and said "hey what's up holmes"

I said "you know me?" he said "si mon I'm your best homie

You were born in September of 1975

You're already 20 I'm the reason why you're still alive

I watch everything you do I've seen everything you've done

I kept you out of jail because i told you when to run

You packed a gun at the age of 13"

This vato knows everything about me but this guy I've never seen

So I said "what you mean?" and he said "follow me"

I'm going crazy that's exactly what it's gotta be

He said "let's fly" so we took to the sky

He said "stop, look and listen pay attention

Now if you have a question then ask"

Oh by the way where you takin me?

He said "stop, look and listen and you will see"


Listen hear what I'm saying

Listen hear what I'm saying

Listen hear what I'm saying

Listen....(la la la la listen to me)

Do you remember this night?

Oh yeah homie quite clear 2-27-94 was the year

Gunshots is all I hear as we hit up the place

We gave those vatos a taste

Show 'em not to fuck around but i got shot in the face

And it was like damn what am i supposed to do

Now i can't die cause that means they got the best of me fool

He said "now anyone else would've shook

Come with me let's take a closer look"

He took me down to the carucha i was ridin' in

Who would've thought that a bullet I'd be biting here

You shoulda heard all the shit that i was sayin'

I wasn't playin' as we were spraying I wanted to see some levas laying

Dead in streets of my barrio

They wanted to take my life and that ain't right

So we had a gunfight

Huero and Dreamer backing me up

And we had the 12-Gauge Mausberg shells stacking them up

And it was like crazy

Shoulda been a western flick

You've got two kinds of vatos who don't give a shit

They came to my neighborhood and got what they got

In other words I'm not the only one who got shot leva (fuckin leva)


I can't believe that this is happening to me

God do you want my life well then take me

But if not i need some oxygen

They threw me on a fuckin bed and now I'm off again

In the life flight helicopter soaring through the sky

Knowing I could die but still I won't cry

Cause it's like why shed a tear man

When everyday I'm wishing that I wasn't here man you catch my drift

All you vatos need to take note

I got a bullet in my throat and I'm trying not to choke

Cause if I do I just might go into a panic

And then it just might be the end

Not for this Hispanic

Fuck no I can't let 'em get the best of me

Cause if I die there ain't no way I'm gonna rest in peace

Knowin' that those vatos are standin tall

Laughin as a Lil' Rob having to take a little fall

But i ain't one to go out like a bitch

And i ain't that little vato that vato to go snitch

It's the barrio's on when I won't break

So stop look and listen and you'll find that ain't no thing



I am saying the truth (the truth)

I am saying the truth (I said it true man)

I am saying the truth (la verdad)

I am saying the truth (si mon)


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