LIL ROB - Still Smokin' [Supermix Part 2] lyrics

[Lil' Rob]

This is dedicated to the 6-1-9

These are the vatos that been, but now it's my time

To kick the beat's, move suavecito

To all you fine chicana's, Lil' Rob is doing ?

Bumping the oldies, It's me Lil'' Rob

And the Brown Crowd homies, turn up the volume

Yeah, Natural High, a ?? for my friends

And Lil' Rob will cry for la raza

because we killin' off each other, it's sad

BOOM, there goes another, but we don't need that

Because tonight it our night, it's the Brown Crowd night

And everything will be alright

So get up, go out, and do the brown thing

Let's cruise, no need to gangbang

So get ready, dress to impress

Because you got to make this start your very best

Not just another night on the town

It doesn't brown ?? Chicano, were proud and be brown

Tonight were crusin' in your lowrider

Let down the back and put the front a little higher

And now your rollin' TJ ?? just be yourself holmes

No need to be fake because everybody out here

Is havin' a good time, Oh what a night..Oh what a night

[Lil' Rob]

Sup ese

What's up ese... what you know me man?

Simon I'm your best homey and you don't even know me

This vato came up and said "hey what's up holmes"

I said "you know me?" he said "simon I'm your best homie

You were born in September of 1975

You're already 20 I'm the reason why you're still alive

I watch everything you do I've seen everything you've done

I kept you out of jail because I told you when to run

You packed a gun at the age of 13"

This vato knows everything about me but this guy I've never seen

So I said "what you mean?" and he said "follow me"

I'm going crazy that's exactly what it's gotta be

He said "let's fly" so we took to the sky

He said "stop, look and listen pay attention

Now if you have a question then ask"

Oh by the way where you takin me?

He said "stop, look and listen and you will see"


Listen hear what I'm saying

Listen hear what I'm saying

1-What's up

2-I think I saw him standing over there just a minute ago


2-Lil'' Rob, he's pretty bad on the mic you know?

Lil' Rob...

Lil' Rob...

It's the Wicked wicked

Puto's slip and trip

I'll rip them open from the heart to the brain

I'm already insane, and I won't change

You can't stop this, so stop this nonsense

People got this, because they want this

So watch above this

Little cholo, oh no

Lil' Rob comin' with mi stilo

My lyrics are like a bullet, out of a cuete

It's time to reload (an reload)

And make sure I never run out of ammunition

Until I finish my mission, fix it

All the mistakes that these puto's make

Go and grow up, shuttin' door's in your face

So that you can't blow up

You know who your

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