LIL ROB - Still Smokin' [Supermix Part 1] lyrics

This is the MCI operator

I have a collect call from..DREAMER

Who is an inmate in a California State prison

To accept charges press 5 now {beep}

Your call is being connected

Thank you for using MCI



heh heh he?


Damn't, for the last time

There aren't any Mexicans here {hangs up phone}

[Lil' Rob]

It's the gangsta M-E-X-I-C-A-N

Back with the rhyme that'll blow your mind that you wanna hear again

Because you can't get enough of the Brown Crowd

That is so rough and so tough

Crazy bad wicked the worst and when I'm through

When I rewind a verse

So you could go ahead and try to put me down

But I was told don't let no one get you down

And never wear a frown

It's Lil'' Rob the Chicano and proud one

Competition none {beat stops}

But wait I'm not done {beat resumes}

Fuckin it up like this especially for the Brown

So orale suvale in the Brown side of town

Yeah, it's for the Brown Crowd

Orale holmes, this is Lil'' Rob

Comin after you from San Diego, Southern Califas

Mexican gangster yeah that's the name of the jam

And it's to all those locos that like to gangbang

Because I do it when I have to when it's every fuckin week

And always kickin it with my homies

But could swear they're always tweaking

But the only drug I use is marijuana

People tell me not to smoke it

But I'll smoke it if I wanna

Cause right now living in the fast lane

So tell me what's wrong with smoking a little bit of Mary Jane

And when I fight I fight mano a mano

Por que simon I'm a down ass Chicano

I'll say it again I'm down for mine ese

Or laugh at you if you need a shank over a cuete

And then I'll call you a chavala

As I rock over the jam in my '62 Impala

And if you shoot you better kill

Cause if you don't and you won't

But then I will

You won't rest in peace you'll rest in pain

Why, because my mind clicks

To be insane in the brain

Simon I'm fuckin bad to the bone

And all I could say is don't fuck around holmes

Cause I'm a...

[Chorus 2x]

Mexican Gangster, (simon)

Mexican Gangster, (16 with a bullet)

Mexican Gangster, (born with the ways)

Mexican Gangster born with the badness

Yeah, it's for the Brown Crowd

Lil'' Rob comin at you with my own style

You wanna know about me look me up in the gang file

And you will see just how I'm living

I didn't choose nothing because the choice wasn't given to

A little vato going a little fuckin loco

Was just out of hand, not poco

Because all these vatos talkin shit about a homey

When they don't even fuckin know me

They said they kicked my ass, they say I got shot

But when I heard that I started laughing on the spot

Cause what the fuck is that all bout

They say I'm dead so I had to put this tape out

To let these levas know they're all about bullshit

And that these vatos got to quit while they're ahead

Before they look stupid

You say you don't talk shit but I know you did

So you put a filero to my neck you fuckin LEVA

What the fuck's next? A cuete to my head did I cry?

I'm not afraid to die and when I do I die with Brown Pride

I got a pussy ass voice so you say

But you listen to it anyway

You say I can't rap but where the fuck are you

Just keep talking shit cause that's what little kids do

So remember this line for the first time

You do your thing holmes, but I'ma do mine

Now fuck that shit up holmes

Jump in the ride

Jump in the ride

First of all I like starting by saying Q-vo

From a little vato con respecto y por el tuyo

But much pride, jump in the ride

Side to side down el calle, we slide and ride

Hittin' the switch's, the paint job is stickin'

I'm your puppet in the tape deck because it's hittin'

You hear it from across town

No dejes que nadie te haqa menos

Don't let no one get you down

Cause if they do, I'll be around gente

I'll turn your frown's upside down with my sound's gente

Been doing this since I was 15 and live through night

Smoke another like Chech & Chong has a nice dream Simon

Jump in the ride, bounce that ass side to side

(Jump in the ride) as this crazy cholo takes you

On another crazy cholo ride (Jump in the ride)

I don't really give a shit about what your saying bitch

(Jump in the ride) What time is it?

I got that A to the muthafuckin' K

Yeah, shell's stackin up, I shot about 30 rounds

And my 30 round clip, and you can even hear the sound

Of the shell's when they hit ground

But you know there right down

Can't take chance's if you came to fuck around

Finger print's on the shell, life in the jail cell

With no bail, live the life in hell

So I proceed to be the sly, sticked, wicked

But when I get caught, in doing time, while putos get shot

I'll say "It's nothin'" if you ask "It ain't shit"

I got punks, who you callin' punks, and they wanna blast me

There only fear is when they're liven life crazy

They wanna keep me..from rappin' because it pay's me

Orale, that's what I say

Orale puto, that's what I say before I spray

All the fuckin' leva's and I cap, cap, cap

And I come back another firme rap, rap, rappin' tale

Everybody what dizzy, lined up some levas

And I just got rid of a couple

Right on the double, I'm nothin' but trouble

But when it comes to hyna's, I'm the one who likes to cuddle

But right now, the shell's are stackin' up

I got my 30 round, and puto's are backin' up

I got the A-K in the trunk, for punks that wanna act dumb

Fuck the 40 round clip, I got the 75 round drum

You vatos can't mean, now I don't give a fuck

Times don't mean shit, when my shells are stackin' up

I got my shell's stackin' up

I got that A to the muthafuckin' K

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