LIL ROB - Soy Chingon lyrics

{phone rings}


Uh.. hello?


Damnit, for the last time

There aren't any Mexicans here {hangs up phone}

[Sir Crown]

Ey holmes throw on some fuckin oldies ese

[Lil' Rob]

Orale let me trip on this 45 then ese

Watcha.. ora..

Si mon I'm ready ese, estoy listo

Si out of marijuana say pass to the pistol

Cause I don't need to get drunk off my ass

I just need a little high that's gonna last

Jump off the raffla, kick back on the curb

Light up a toke, yeah smoke up all the herb

Smoke three move to the five then to the seven

Ran out of zig-zags so back to 7-11 we go

No need to buy 'em we'll just leave 'em

Homey said he'd call the police, I didn't believe him

Walked out the store with an attitude

Started capping, then started laughing

Then let me tell you what happened

Went back to the hood rolled up some endow

Putos rollin' through my barrio, I broke their window

Shank their fuckin tires now they can't leave

And now it's about time for three sold guys to bleed

Pulled 'em out the raffla and we fucked them up

Took 'em to the canton and we tagged them up

Put the big "BC" on their foreheads

We want the vatos alive we don't want 'em dead

We want em walking around to show that the Brown Crowd was there

And did that shit without a care

In the world cause they're nothing but little girls

Damn I shoulda pulled it cause they deserved the bullet

Put the cuete to their temple

Then pulled the fuckin trigger cause it's so fuckin simple


Just like my lyrics I'm kickin back when I say 'em

I don't yell at putos ey I'm kickin back when I spray them

Fuckin leva

Cause if you fuck with me

I fuck with you twice as hard LEVA

Yeah, soy chingon

Some vatos walked up and asked if I gangbang

I said I used to

But then I had to pull out the fusca

This vato's from the wrong hood

And now they think they got Lil' Rob good

But fuck it

I had to blast the puto between the eyes

And now I sit here laughing as his homeboy cries

But what the fuck, I did what had to be done

I can't let one go so I have to kill both of them

I don't give a shit, I'll do it real quick

Bust off let's get yes it's time for me to split

It's time to leave the fuckin premises

Cause I don't need a witness

So I leave with the slickness and quickness

Take homeboy's hyna then pulled the corner

Jumped in the backseat and you know she let me bone her

She's looking fine do you know what I mean

I made her scream

I said stick with me and you'll become a brown queen

Because you never deserved a ranker

You need a vato like me the Mexican Gangster

But what if this firme hyna points the dedo

I'm tellin this sweet stuff pero it's puro pedo

Because you gotta know I'm smarter than that

This hyna wasn't even crying as she saw her vato dying

Now when I'm with her I hear the jura's drive by

Going to the site where I left those fools to die

Now who did it nobody has a clue

And without the murder weapon what's the jura gonna do

Aw shit, what if this bitch pulls rat

So I grab my shotgun and I pump the fucker back

Just in case, but the bitch wasn't knowin

Cause I was still going, had the hyna moaning and groaning

She got nasty, opened her mouth with a grin

Can't let a good thing go to waste

So I stuck my dick in

And I was goin, she was goin and then I started cumming

Replaced my dick with the shotgun

And you know I started gunning

In my eyes I didn't do nothing wrong

Do what I do to survive so you know it's on

Y Sabes que no one's ever gonna catch me

Cause I'm too sly, too slick, too W-I-C-K-E-D

Left the place without a trace

And I didn't care homes

So there it is there homes


Yeah, and if the payback ain't quick

you best believe the pain is gonna stick LEVA

Soy chingon, soy chingon cavron

Like Al Capone always holding my own

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