LIL ROB - Somethin' 2 Relate 2 lyrics


What's up man

Back once again

Giving you somthing to relate to

I'm kicking back at my pad

Getting it through with my familia otra ves

It's time to bail out and get out of this mess

So they don't really like my ways

And they don't really give a damn about what I say

So I jump in the carrucha, keep trucha

I'm strolling through the town steady scraping the ground

Now I'm lighting up the area

Some staring at me suprised I'm still alive

Cuz back in the day I got shot homey

Because we let the bullets fly

But that don't mean I'll lecture you how I almost died

Why did this chump survive, that's why I'm still alive

Lil' Rob con trunamos since 95

Ain't no stopping me now

Lil' Rob is on the prowl

Don't ask me how cuz I don't have to explain it

Don't ask me how cuz it's too complicated

For you uneducated vatos to learn

You try to creep up but you sleep cuz I'm rolling nine deep

And to you vatos who disrepect me then want help from me

You must be stupid, you're acting like a dummy with the




I'm the L-I-L R-O-B




I'm the L-I-L R-O-B


Dropping rhymes smoothly, oh man

It's Lil' Rob the vato with the Brown mind on his shoulders

I've never done it, but I've seen more crytal than Folgers

I guess you could say I've got my choice

Either get messed up or jumped, or I pay on the invoice

People buying up my vocals

Sometimes they're mellow and sometimes they're loco

Cruising through the Eastside, flip it to the B-side

Rolling with my primo, so watch the 63 glide

I've got my hyna on the side of me

She's on the right of me, and she's looking so damn fine to me

Hey babe, come a little closer

So that Lil' Rob can hold ya

As I drop a little taste for my race

Oh yes, she left the marks of her lips on my face

Simon we're rolling, rag-top folding

We're cruising slow, the jura pulled us over for being too low

They never fail to harrass us

Always pulling us over never ever will they pass us

I'm living life on the calle so let me tell it

If you don't know my name ese then let me spell it


Hey man, I'm only twenty

Some people say "Lil' Rob get out the gang"

But then they say it like if it ain't no thang

But see, even if I say I don't claim

They still know my face and they still know my name

I see some vatos that I hate

But I won't hit them up because I'm trying to get my life straight

But they decide to hit me up instead

I'm on their leva, they're the ones who want me dead

So um, what am I supposed to do?

It's time to show these fools

In the crazy life man their ain't no rules

And you gotta understand

I'm doing the same damn thing as any other man

You can call it gang violence or call in what you will

But even the most innocent man will kill

Stay still, as I drop shit reality

All the gente talking that petho cuz they just can't handle me

Because I speak about the real, and how I feel

And I still kick back with the homeboys from the hood

But to the Man upstairs, I'm trying to do good

Yeah man, you gotta understand

You may call it a gang thing

But you'd do the same thing tambien

Right, giving you something to relate to


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