LIL ROB - Saw You on the Dance Floor lyrics

[Chorus 2x]

Saw you on the dance floor and

I love the way you're movin'

You sure know what you're doin'

Hey girl you're turnin' me on

[Verse 1]

The girls all pause when I walk into the room

Baggied up with cologne

They're prettied up with perfume, I

Feel like I wanna, strut my thing

Baby girl, you wanna dance?

You got a nice small frame

Look at you, the way you move

You got some moves, but I bet you didn't know

I got some moves that don't lose follow me

Look at everybody's eyes, they're all on me

Spotlights follow me for all to see

Honestly, L-I-L-R-O-B

Be where the parties be, people wanna see me

Starring me, I see, It's true

I don't mean to sound like that

But check the soundscans mija, cause I sounds like that

Now I don't wear a diamond ring

I just know the jams to bring

You're the type of girl

That I would love to be handling

Wait a minute, keep doin' what you're doin'

I love the way you're movin'

Girl where the hell have you been?

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]

I'm club hoppin', ladies got their mouth's droppin'

Their heart's stoppin', ???

Been around since the beginning of pop-lockin'

Bad walkin', bad like back talkin'

The club is poppin', off the hook

Like I feel when the bed's rockin'

The night ain't done, till I'm lip lockin'

Got the chicks flockin' Feelin' fresh, I got the zip locked in

You only live once, my time is only tick tockin'

Workin' it up, I'm livin' it up

The bartender and the DJ's are mixin' it up

I'm drinkin' it up, as now people start to show up

Asked this pretty girl to dance

And then I rip the floor up

Hey can I dance with you? Take a little chance on you

What a glance will do

Well look at the tight pants on you

Movin' so fine, you're lookin' so fine

Everytime we're partyin', you're blowin' my mind

[Chorus 2x]

Hey girl, I saw you from across the room and

I love the way you're movin'

Keep doin' what you're doin'

Girl where the hell have you been?

[Verse 3]

Let's leave this place and go to another place

Sabor a mi, baby give me a taste

I love your face, I love your waist

Shaped like a vase

You, I will chase

Why must I be like that?

Why must I chase the cat?

If you saw a girl as fine as you

Girl, you would chase that

Ain't nothin' but the Rob in me

Lettin' out the dog in me

Fools try to block it, I block 'em

There's no blockin' me

This happens constantly

This is constantly happenin'

Leave it alone or leave your ass home

I came to, rock the party and wake the dance floor up

What's the matter?

You ain't got no kind of class or what? Back up

[Chorus 2x]

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