LIL ROB - Pachucos Night lyrics

What's up mija

I was wondering if maybe I could stop by and pick you up tonight

Shine up the wingtips throw on the zoot suit

Jump in the Bomba complete with the moonroof

Pick up my lady and kick it with her all night

We look up and we could see the rain fall right

down on the glass, we can't see the splash

We're cruising slow forget fast

You see a vato like me takes my time

I'm dressed to impress and my hyna's lookin fine

She loves me, I love her and everything is right

It's the Pachuco's night

I got the 45 player under the dash

In the ashtray I got some marijuana ash

I got the .45's in the glove

She throws on "Natural High" and says it's time to make love

I said damn mija yo te quiero mucho contodo mi corazon

She said mijo I'm glad that we're alone

Because it's time I confess how i feel

She said mijo I love you and I said baby I'm for real

It's the Pachucos night

It's the Pachucos night

You know mija there ain't nothin I'd rather do

Than to spend a little time with you

Cause you're my lady and I love you


Stay right here baby (stay right here baby)

I'm not ready to let you go, ahha yeah

Stay right here baby, ahha yeah

So i could love you and love you forever

I'm kicking back with my lady

But still some vatos rolled up

Where you from holmes?

I'm thinking to myself don't act dumb holmes

Could pull the cuete cause I never leave home without it

But would that prove anything? ey holmes I doubt it

Vatos actin up I didn't say nothing but I stared

They call me a chavala but hey I didn't care

Time to go on roll on catch em on the rebound

Some may call me a wrecker

Some might say that proves I'm down

Or got respect for the woman that I'm with

Cause if she wasn't with me you know I'd do it with the quickness

You see I handle things in the right way

It's me and my ruca, no need to pull out the fusca

Can't let them ruin my night so I drive off in the rain

She said mijo you're the best and so I told her the same

I grab her leg and tickle it as she laughs and yells stop

When I only stop to start all over again

You must've put a spell on my mind

You're my genie and my lover

And i wish that you would make our time stand still

Chills and thrills is what you give me

Everytime that I'm next to you

I'm so glad I found the best with you

A dream come true is me and you

A Pachuco's night doing what lovers like to do

And mija you're the only woman that can drive me crazy

A Pachucos night just me and my lady


I've got to got to let you know who you are

I wanna take you home with me

And you will see that you love me and I love you

Lucky cause it's no fun being lonely

But with me you'll never have to be the lonely one

Cause you're my hyna

and you best believe the only one

She whispered in my ear come here

You're the only man I'll ever need

Because you've always been right there for me

Two hearts joined as one

Having fun on what I call my Pachucos night

My night ain't done

Until you come on and go with me

Over to my place and make love between the sheets

That's where our bodies meet

Te gusto mucho this Pachuco's gonna love ya

Because I can't seem to get enough of ya

Because mija you're the one droppin spells

it's me and my lady and the Sharilles

*{This is dedicated to the one I love}*

Let me lay you down

Let me make you feel just like you should

In other words mija let me make you feel real good

She's lookin firme so her body I caress

She said let's vistame and so I help her undress

And it's like I love need and want you baby

It's time to get crazy


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