LIL ROB - No One to Depend On lyrics

As I look around at all these smiling faces

I don't trust them, I've got no one to depend on


Ain't got nobody to depend on, no tengo a nadie

Don't need nobody but myself, can't trust nobody

Cuz everybody that I've trusted has done me wrong

No tengo a nadie, ain't got nobody to depend on

Some people make up lies staring you down and shed your name

Smiling faces all in my face but all this time wanna take my place

Give me the pat on the back then the stab in the back

Trying to hold me back now I'm back

All these fools talking smack, figure that

It's been this way since Junior High, everybody whispering shit

But like I said before jealous was never cool not even a little bit

I know you're phony, but who's the one who hit the scene when I was 16 with the bullet

I came this close to do it but I blew it, I was foolish

Kicking back on the corner smoking a j everyday

Some things never change, I'm still that way infact today

I got so blazed, it was so magnificent

First you saw it then you did it

Disappear like a magic trick with my magic sticks

Then I disappear in the smoke as you soak in your lies

Lil' Rob lighting up the sky like Fourth Of July

I can't believe myself, how I could subdue and just deceive myself

[Chorus x2]

Mistakes, I know I made a few

But I'm only human, you made mistakes too

I crease my Levis one leg at a time just like you

But you wanna keep talking shit telling stories that are not true

Let's get it on, like a possom you try and cover your tracks

Cuz you'll be a rat like Donny Brosco

Now and then I lose my way, feeling like I never knew my way

Thinking all those times that blew away, opportunities that I threw away

If I had wings I'd fly away, and I would do this night and day

Oh by the way I like to play from Saturday to Saturday

It doesn't matter ay, what you say

I was told don't let no one get you down and turn that frown upside down

See you can depend on me but I could never seem to depend on you

I try and look you in the face but then again I can't see two

What do I do? I'm so confused, someone's got to lose, I'd hate to be in your shoes

I'd probably be dressed in the county blues singing the blue to the things that I choose

Didn't I blow your mind this time? It was probably already blown

Ain't got no one to depend on homey

Lil' Rob, what am I on?


Everybody is somebody's fool, there's no exception to the rule

There's no guarentee that the one you love is gonna love you

But I refuse to be like I used to be, everybody using me

Watching over and schooling me, I know what they want to do to me

Only out to make a fool of me

Don't try to be schooling me please cuz I don't need to retire

Throwing eyes at my steel and make me feel like everyone's dealing

I'm peeling too many cuz I'm the one that rocks steady

If you're not ready, get ready, fool this is it I've got plenty

And I won't stop, til I see that pretty penny, that's heavy

Just like a Chevy on twenties hitting switches

I'm hitting thirty nine inches and leaving you bitches in twitches

While all you snitches be snitching and wanna be burning down riches

I got you twisted like robes while I'm breaking down on your hoes

You make me laugh just like jokes, I fade away just like Ghost

You wanna turn you back on me pero, esta bien

I got no one to depend on homey, no tengoa nadie


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