LIL ROB - Let Me Try lyrics

(Lil' Rob)

They wanna manipulate your mind, but don't try it

Even if I was the devil and wanted your soul, I wouln't buy it

I choose to stay quiet, they claiming the bigger misdemeanor

I wanna be like David and Goliath, shut their mouth, finaly silence

I hold the Corona, I live in la Colonia

Ain't got No One To Depend On, no tengo a nadie, like I told ya

They follow like a soldier, I'd rather be my own general

What goes up must come down, what goes around comes around like teatherball

I shine like Armor All, watch the Wildsdale parters fall

Watch out for the handshake, fall down flat on the ground

All down like a big flat pancke

Baby let me be the guy for thetime of your life

And let me be the lowrider for the part of your life

Let me be that part of your life, many guys have come to you

With a line that wasn't true (wasn't true), and you, passed them by

Now you're in the center ring and lies don't mean a thing (mean a thing)

Why don't you, let me try

(Chorus: Bizz)

Many guys have come to you

With a line that wasn't true

And you passed them by

Now your in the center ring

And their lies don't mean a thing

Why don't you let me try

(Lil' Rob)

You come to my town, like once every weekend

I can't sleep cuz anticipation gots me up like I was tweaking

Every time you look at me, seems like you got control of my breathing

Could it be that you want me could it be that reason

Or could it be that I'm dreaming

Just my imagination running away with me

Would it be too much to ask, baby

If you could stay with me, later

And play with me, or maybe

Just spend a day with me

Cuz baby you gots this little boy acting crazyly

Now I don't wear a dyamond ring

I don't even know what song to sing

But I do know one thing all the happyness I can bring

I'm you puppet, but please don't take advantage of the string

Cuz I'll loose myself in a tangle

Then I'll have to find myself a brand new thing

So tell me what you think go with him cuz the line is thin

So don't leave me in the dark, don't leave me on the outside looking in

Many guys have come to you, with a line that wasn't true

But baby I'm for real, so tell me how you feel


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