LIL ROB - I'll Kill You lyrics

[Triple C]

Big Bow, 13 motherfucker

Big Bow, 13

[Triple C]

Another jam from the mind of the double D

I put it down for the homies and the Central Coast Family

Some wicked shit pounding out your box

A little something to bump when you're cooking them rocks

We all got our own ways of making the green

You do whatever it takes to get up onto the scene

I do what I do, staying true to the blue

Southside 13, what about you fool?

Run and hide and get out your map

Leva motherfuckers from the other side to the tracks

I never forgive and punk I never forget

It ain't over motherfuckers, no not just yet

Move out of scene, I knew you would leave

I got another motherfucking trick up my sleeve

Smoke you like a roach, can I make it last?

Like a quick half ounce, another thing from the past

You're the kind of motherfucker talking shit bitch

I'm the kind of motherfucker making the hit list

When I see you in the street you better run and cover

Cuz if I pull out my gat, I shoot to kill motherfucker

[Lil' Rob]

It's the Lil' Rob

Known like the mob cuz I be dropping them hits

Giving it till you whores can't stand, giving it till your heart quits

It's open, hoping for another chance

Fuck that fat hyna, it's ain't over till the hyna dance

Glance at a man with no worries, full of teary

Riddle at me, loose, hang you fools from a noose

Then light you up on fire, put away my lighter

Fuck the fucking Devil, I'm the one that he admires

Inquiring minds want to know

How the fuck we can be so fucking sick and quick to stick pussy

The cheif enemies got the remedy

To make more enemies than anybody in the pen with a felony

Now you're mad at me

I'm just glad we had the chance to be friendly before I killed you fucking family

Say you're understanding me, fool you ain't no man to me

Pulling petty crimes, thinking that you're gonna flatter me

Bitch I could give a fuck about what you're doing

I could give a fuck about what, who that you flew

Make you sick like the flu, I know how to spook you

All it takes is a bullet, you'll be shaking in your shoes

What kind of death do you choose? Homicide or suicide?

Circle one, call me Gato cuz the cat got your toungue

Ese young, 21, people saying that I'm done

But the more shit that you talk, the more fun has begun

Leave your ass rung, let alone your ass hung

Chop you up with my machete with my hockey mask on

Better yet I'll paint my face up like Dead Presidents

In your neighborhood, nothing but dead residents

When I get through with them, set them up and have a brew with them

While the juras wondering what to do with them

Cuz there's so many of them, God must not have loved them

Cuz he let me do what I did, close their eye lids

[Mr. Shadow]

Now who be batty, coming trying to diss my skills

It's that evil-minded demon, shoving fools under the hills

Motherfuckers try to run but they can never hide, I find em

Putting the bullets in, hollow tips and I blind em

Shadow be that one bald-headed fool ready to bust

The man of steel who turns his rivals into fucking dust

I must admit to all the shit that I commited

All the fucking bodies and the craniums that I splitted

I spitted many rhymes, I flipped so many sounds

Take these fools into depressions like the year of 95

Homicide got me tripping

That's why I'm loading a clip

Motherfuckers trying to trip

They end up looking just like shit

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