LIL ROB - I Who Have Nothing (But I Have Respect) lyrics

I got somethin to get off my chest

It's alright ey; cause after this, it don't exist

[Chorus 2X: Lil Rob]

I who have nothing, may have nothing

But I still got something that you don't, you don't

I who have nothing, may have nothing

But I'll always have something that you won't, you won't

[Lil Rob]

Ey, what's happenin Primo, long time no hear from

But you're all about bullshit and we don't wanna hear none

So take your, fuckin drugs and your wannabe thugs

And your junkie lil' bitch from the strip club and get FUCKED

Still can't believe what the fuck you did

Fuck my nino, no fuck you, your slutty wife and your kid

Just a pain in the ass, that was some pains in my neck

Around here, you ain't feared you get no fuckin respect

So how's it feel not to be real, Mr. Big Man with the plan

But the first to run when shit hits the fan, c'mon

Who you tryin to kid with that gangster shit?

Lil Primo, you can't even be a gangster bitch

You must be {hiiiiiiigh} on your own supply

Get some sick fuckin vatos, they done boned you dry

And dont you cry, because we both know why

You don't, you lie, sparks flyin like 4th of July, goodbye


[Lil Rob]

Ey check this out

Even if I could I don't wanna cruise the hood in Mercedes Benz

Rather cruise a six-three convertible

Hoppin down the block with all my friends

The ones that don't care, whether or not I'm makin ends

The ones that were there and never scared and down to do it all again

I call you "The Great Pretender" cause your life is just pretend

I like the movie "Scarface" too but remember, he dies in the end

And you're no Tony Montana either, you must have a fever or some shit

You went crazy, you're sick, you just a dumbshit

Fuck it, fuck you, fuck him too

Fuck everyone who knows what you do, fucker is stuck with you

What must I do? I thought your hermana was cool but fuck her too

And this is all because of you

Sad but true, talk shit about your dad

Boy your kid's gonna be real fuckin glad to have a dad like you

Hate to see him grow up, to be a man like you

Or maybe I do, so he can fuck up your family too, man fuck you


[Lil Rob]

I continue to rap in the booth, guaranteed you're gonna be havin the blues

Cause when someone's havin to lose it has to be you

I drive the Caddy but I'm far from a baller

I wear button-ups but I don't pop my collar

I pop all lies like it's nada in the calle, not the Range

It's not the same, you went insane, you ain't Gonzalez, changed yo' name

The fuckin clique you claim is lame

My shit is so heavy and true that you, couldn't pick it up with a crane

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Lil Rob]

And that's familia

Yeah I can only tell it how I see it ese

Cause after this you don't exist

Either you respect that or you can step back

Cause after this you don't exist

We'll be alright ey

Cause after this you don't exist

The last thing I do, take care of the familia man

Cause after this you don't exist

You can't come back no more

You ain't welcome here man

You brought it wrong ese

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