LIL ROB - Go Head lyrics

[Mr. Shadow]


Mr. Shadow, Lil' Rob

Viscious Man Funk on the boards

Coming at you for the 98

And it won't stop

Check It

[Mr. Shadow]

It is I the unfadable lyricist

Bringin mad hits for that ass

One way in the past

When I mash

Let me hear you scream and hollar when ya see me

Party people in the house can ya feel me

It's Mr. Shadow and I'm known to explode

Like a box of C-4 when I bust at a show

I have shown that I'm down to breaking it down like a boulder

If ya wanna bring the drama put the rifle to my shoulder

But I ain't trippin cause I'm here to make ya bounce

Counting money by the stacks, bustin raps and buildin clout

Now all my dogs packin clips and the gats

Ready for the confratation never hesitate to cap

Now you know it ain't nothin but a gangsta party

Drinkin Don Pereon Dry Gin and Barcardi

In California the home of real pimp and players with the raw dough

Down to the bone on the streets or on the microphones

Gettin bent is a daily thing, home boys get down girls yell my name

I be the Shadow that will follow you regaurdless through the night

Causin fright when you step into the light

[Chorus 2x]

Mr. Shadow, Lil Rob, and The Viscious Man Funk

Coming through with the funk that you bump in your trunk

Go ahead, go ahead make ya body move

Go ahead and make ya body move

[Lil' Rob]

I grab my Levis and my ironin board

Cuffs all messed up cause the back drags on the floor

But that's all good, got no one to impress

My fame will over come those that are best dressed

Must confess, got to get this of my chest I must have been blessed

Can see that I been convince ready to go so lets go

I jumped in the ride headed for my destination

Tonight is going to be sick, but I don't need no medication

Going lady chasing, but never mind, cuz they ain't runnin

Cuz we all came to the party for a little some thing some thing

Oh girls you lookin so nice

I could see that one right there with some one like me

Should I take the chance and ask one to dance

Do I want the one in the mini skirt or the tight pants

It doesn't matter cause they're beautiful

I can't help to lose my cool

I can't help but drool when they push and pull

[Chorus 2x]

[Mr. Shadow]

You can push you can pull you can do what you want

Mr. Shadow, Lil' Rob and The Viscious Man Funk

Nothin bunk but the stuff we blaze in the place

You can't drink for free (so you best bring a case)

That's on the realer when I feel the efection

I'm getting loaded and I notice the closes to me

I keep it cool cause shes noticing me

And that's the only type of girl I see puposin to me

So I lean to the side and wink with my eye to let her know

Baby got it going on so I can't let her go

Lil' Rob where'd you go I was lookin for your ass

[Lil' Rob]

I was downing drinks like water so I got drunk kinda fast

I was on the other side just doing what I do

Looking for a girl to talk to, not you

I got my eyes on one, I want you to have my son

And we can get this done if you want to have some fun

But if, you don't want to, it's ok, I'll just go find another one

[Chorus 2x]

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