LIL ROB - Fxxkin Wit My Bizziness lyrics

[Lil Sicko]

As I pull out the strap and get ready to kill

Seeing you on the floor, is my big fucking thrill

Trying to kill me again, HA, don't make me laugh

What made your ass think that our business would last?

Trying to fuck with my money, when I treated you cool

But you didn't know your fuckin' with this crazy ass fool

18 years old, and a baller for life

Never forget that night, that I fucked your wife

Trust a g with my kilo, I gave you stack's of c-notes

Pimped road in the lex, then we lounged on speed road

When you needed some men, you knew I was always there

And you needed days off, but I really didn't care

We came really tight, and I had you around

To the fuckin' day, I was missin' a pound

Fucking bitch thought I was a clown

Then turn around, pop goes the strap, and your body was found


See I lost one, and you found one

Now they knowing your a bitch

Because you caught one

Now I'm knowing that you won't forget this (why)

That's what you get, for fuckin' with my bizzness

[Lil Blacky]

When we were youngster's, we would fight over the same girl

She had some juicy lips in a sparkle of a plural

I like her lot, but she wanted from me

Is a year older, you always have more chances then me

But I was in a raza, and I had a lotta ridges

Always taken back with three, four, or five bitches

And you got stuck, with an old ass hag

That was gettin' very ugly, and always on her rag

And you a guy, you was so tough

Kick it back with your lady, but you ain't even crazy

Now your jealous, and I'm winnin' this game

I'm a playa for life, and Imma push you in shame

Who da blame but your self, through sickness and in wealth

This I will tell, now tell me what the hell

Now what?...Fuckin' bitch

Lil Sicko, Lil Blacky, Hectic one doing this shit

Chorus 2x


You fucked up, when you turned on me

Became a rata, now your d-i-e

We pulled mission's and always got away

Makin' stack's of bill's, that will make our day

We split it, and we made a profit

No one ever stopped it, why you fuckin' jockin'?

It's me? the one and only Hectic

Sit back, respect it, as I fuckin' wreck it


Chorus 4x

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