LIL ROB - From Dago to LA lyrics

[Frank V]

Frank V, coming straight out of Los


[Lil' Rob]

Lil' Rob, representing my city San Diego, Southern Califas

[Frank V]

Once again it's on, coming back at that ass with another hit (Simon)

Straight out of Low Profile Records

Let's drop this shit, a little something like this

[Frank V]

I got some shit to make them all stop hating

I got some dick to make you and that bitch stop waiting

And I got a trick that'll make you fall in love

And you can have that bitch for just a couple of dubs

Frank V is on some sick shit, some fat shit

Some wait, a Latin rapper can't rap like that shit

I been payed, been laid

You just been sprayed with some shit that I just made

No fade, bald headed fuck it keep your credit

My shit's clean, supreme unleaded

Lowride all day, hit the pad grab the Porsche

Hit the ranch, ride the white horse full force

Look for me in the Source, you'll be a looking motherfucker

But look at the bank, you might see big Frank

Cashing a check or two, that's what the hell I do

You don't like how I'm living, well fuck you

[Chorus x2]

Its all good from Dago to LA

Frank V and Lil' Rob making that major pay

In a Caddy coupe, 64 rag Chevrolet

We drink tequila straight, man fuck that tanqueray

[Lil' Rob]

Let me do things my way, get the fuck out of my way I'm coming like this

With a twist like No Twist, everybody wishes they could flow like this

Lil' Rob be the sickest

Little vato representing the city of San Diego to the fullest

Bullshit, is what you be giving me, but you can't get rid of me

Lil' Rob (Lil' Rob), without me there will never be

Anything good to listen to ey

At least thats the way I see it homeboy, what about you ey (the same way)

I like to play from Saturday to Saturday

From month to month from year to year like the Fifth of May to the Fifth of May, ole

And I put that on the hairs of my chiny-chin-chin

You don't want to begin, something that you can't fin-ish

What you partners thought I'd be gone, what's wrong

You don't like my song, can't please everyone, but you ain't anyone

You ain't nobody, Lil' Rob rocking it just for a little while

So let me do things my way, my way Lil' Rob style style

[Chorus x2]

[Frank V]

I be that vato, who got you on the stage

Mr. Sancho, returning your lady's page

Now you're in a rage, pissed off and disgusted

That's why I ain't got to lady, (why not) can't be trusted

Vatos hooked on hoes like China White without being stepped on

That's why I kicked the habit and then kept on

It's hard enough these days to make cash and win

Without a bitch asking me were the fuck have I been

Franky Baby is too clean for that, too payed for that

I'm a genuine player, not bitch made like that

My shit sells cuz it's tight, raid like that

But don't keep it at home, cuz pigs run raids like that

It's still put down like it should be

From SD to that big bad 213

[Chorus x2]

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