LIL ROB - Do My Thing lyrics

This is Lil' Rob

Lil' Rob comin at you with my own style

You wanna know about me look me up in the gang file

And you will see just how I'm living

I didn't choose nothing because the choice wasn't given to

A little vato going a little fuckin loco

Was just out of hand, not poco

Because all these vatos talkin shit about a homey

When they don't even fuckin know me

They said they kicked my ass, they say I got shot

But when I heard that I started laughing on the spot

Cause what the fuck is that all bout

They say I'm dead so I had to put this tape out

To let these levas know they're all about bullshit

And that these vatos got to quit while they're ahead

Before they look stupid

You say you don't talk shit but I know you did

So you put a filero to my neck you fuckin LEVA

What the fuck's next? A cuete to my head did I cry?

I'm not afraid to die and when I do I die with Brown Pride

I got a pussy ass voice so you say

But you listen to it anyway

You say I can't rap but where the fuck are you

Just keep talking shit cause that's what little kids do

So remember this line for the first time

You do your thing holmes, but I'ma do mine

Now fuck that shit up


"Doo Wah Ditty"

Lil' Rob not even puttin' in one hundred percent

But if I did you know that no one could get close

Because I'm the man with the most

Don't brag or boast but I'm a vato from the West Coast

Southern Califa's down for the Brown thing

And San Diego is the name of the city that I was brought up in

But the gang life I was caught up in

Started backin' little levas every weekend

Yeah I know I'm skinny but I ain't down for the tweakin'

Go off smoke marijuana; si mon the Mary Jane

God damn but I don't use God's name in vain

So I take that back ese con respecto

Cause I got respect, something you'll never get though

A little vato now seventeen with a glock

I got my finger on the trigger, not afraid to pull it ese

So don't tempt the man behind the gun

Because this vato might have you on the run

And at the same time cryin, shoot down your legs

but holmes is still tryin to get away

But hell ya gotta pay

Pump the fucker back and let the shotgun spray

Until you lie there dead

Just for talkin shit you got a bullet in your head

So if you persist to go on with the shit talkin

You best keep walking cause this vato's gonna be stalking your ass

Harassing it more than the hura

Or maybe not the hura pero homey keep trucha

Or better yet just don't fuck around ese

Cause I don't like killing off the Brown ese

So remember this line for the second time

You do your thing holmes but I'ma do mine

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