LIL ROB - Crazy Life lyrics

Shit, man

Fuck that pinche jura ese

If they only knew where the fuck I was, right

Right underneath their pinche puerco noses and shit

They ain't gonna catch me ese

I'm too Goddamn sly, slick, and wicked

Fuck these fucking juras

Can't fuck with my crazy life

Simon ese, I'm that crazy little vato roaming the barrio homeboy

That's where you find me every fucking night creeping

Simon, it's my crazy life ese

Mi vida loca

A crazy ass rola so let me tell ya

A crazy fucking rola from this crazy fucking fella

Sort of like Capone, Godfather, or Scarface

A crazy little vato brought up in my crazy race

(What race is that?) The race of the Brownest

Where every Mexicano lives to be the downest

Crazy ass stories plotted in a crazy barrio

Where the vatos do bad but have nothing to be sorry for

Shooting down putos, an everyday thing

Someone call the ambulance, cuz the fat hyna sings

But it's not over, seems like it will never end

Just when you think it's through, nah holmes it just begins

Over and over sort of like a loop

Someone gets shot, it's time to go back and shoot

Those fucking levas for fucking around with the wrong man, but

Should have thought before your actions, so holmes I'm too clever

Everything I've seen, everything I've heard, but you can't amaze me

Mi vida loca, life is crazy


It's called the crazy life

Mi vida loca

It's called the crazy life

Mi vida loca

It's called the crazy life

Mi vida loca

It's called the crazy life

Back with some shit that some people flip on

Before your trip ese, here's something for you to trip on

Talking about killings, and living life in a craze

Smoking Mary Jane, hell sprung in a daze

Sick of pulling crumbs cuz they're thinking that crime pays

Damn Raza, we got to change our evil ways

But back to this motherfucking wickedness

All these punks talking shit and I'm sick of this

Talking about I'm bigger than you so what you gonna do

I'm the vato holding a shotgun, you're the vato holding the .22

But just because I'm smaller don't mean that I won't fight ya

Do anything to win even if I have to bite ya

And if I lose, it's time to shoot down a solca

As you're lying dead I pull out the bag of mota

Roll up the le駉 and spark up my joint

Proud because I killed this vato with my hollow point

But what am I to do when this vato is to strike me

I kicked him two times cuz he got blood on my Nikes

Fuck em, buck em, stuck em, who give a fuck

Oh you vatos want some petho, well don't press your fucking luck

But you'll die, (why) people want to know

It's my crazy life, mi vida loca en mi barrio


Simon the quette's pointed at cha you see mi vida loca

Giving you a taste, got the mad dog on my face

Oh you see the three dots, and I hear are the three shots

Bang bang bang, then walk away like nothing happened

I usually feel the diziness but this time I wasn't feeling this

I guess you could say this crazy vato is used to it

Making all you little fucking levas bite the bullet

Bite the bullet I said motherfucker

Bite the bullet, twice I pulled it

Not giving a fuck about you ese

You got your lips wrapped around the barrel of my quette

Now you're trying to tell me what yo want to do

They say your homies are after me, but saves que I'm after them too

It makes no fucking difference to me

A young SD MG L-I-L R-O-B

What's up ey

[Chorus 2X]

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