LIL ROB - City That Everyone Knows lyrics

I'm from the City that everyone knows

All clean creased up on my clothes

Hit the street and hop the low low

Even got hydraulis on the Limo

I'm from the city that everyone knows

All clean creased up on my clothes

Hit the street and hop the low low

Got my baby waiting in the limo

It's all real to me homes don't need to make shit up

I don't kick it with you vatos cuz you fake the funk

You never once had my back your just some fuckin punks

Why sit and why ask who to trust

When the answers so obvious

It's no one it's no fun

Putos talking shit and they just go on and go on (so on)

I'm giving you something to go on

I got myself and Oldie CD I want to throw on

Mix it with some hip-hop makin sure it's tip tip

Shape for your rafla bump it like ya want ta

Add some Mexican rap to your collection

Imagine hoppin you ride

Bump'n this, in tha...intersection

Interesting isn't that what Mexicans do?

We can put id down too it's 2002

I guarantee you'll see me in 2003

In a 2004, fuckin slammed on the floor


It's time I pick up the pieces

Get sick like Diseases

Don't you understand I don't want to be like he is

I mean it I can only call it like I see it

See it then I call it drink like Alcohlics

Only drop the bomb shit only smokin chronic

Let me make a phone call if I don't already got it

Now watch this Whatcha I'm on the deadline

What can we give this fuckin guy so he could write some rhymes

A pack of llerva six pack de cervesa

But most important of all homes it's the feria

I need some kind of modivation dog

I's not enought just having people hating Little Rob

I'm here ta..Open your eyes and make you all see

Chicano rap is also rap so why are they labeling me

Hating on me I deserve some fucking radio play anytime

Day Night not once a week one time on Sunday (You know)


Pull out some lyrics I have folded in my pocket

Hold it up in front of the mic then I rock it (can't stop it)

Every car I own I have to drop it

Fix it up switch it up that way I can lift it up over speed bumps

I need bumps bumping out some oldies

Cruise around go and place some horseshoes with the homies

Have a couple Cheves, chillin y my Chevy

Gonna grab another beer is anybody with me

I don't have a bottle opener, I gotta use my lighter

Always got a lighter cuz I always use the fire

To light the lleno I gotta.. Bicentennial

Put on some homegrown, this gets me stoned homes

Go a little loco, feelin like a tonto

That's how you know it's almost time to go home

And get ready for the night time

Cuz Ray charles said it best Night time is the right time


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