LIL ROB - Brought Up in a Small Neighborhood [West Coast Mix lyrics

(Lil' Rob)

Let's Go

It's a nice day to go cruise the riders

Oh, you wanna go What happened to the good music?

Let's go krook cruising my 63 dogg


(Lil' Rob)

All you vatos take no, Lil' Rob ain't no joke

So WATCHA jump in my 6-3 impala

Put down the top as I pull to the stop

Drop, roll never can be too low

Simon I've got low riders hundred spoke wires

White wall tires four pumps jumps it higher

Than you've ever seen

Fucking mean, fucking clean

Can't drive too fast or start swerving

Slipping and dipping that's what we call it

That's what happens when you got hydraulics

I sea-saw it front back side to side pancake it

We don't fake it ese we just take it

Don't try to jack it putting holes in your jacket

From my semi-automatic

What you thought ese, we ain't got no pride?

Get ready to learn how we ride on the Southside


I was brought up (brought up)

In a small neighborhood (neighborhood)

Where we're cruising (cruising)

And you know I looked good (So damn good)

I was brought up (brought up)

In a small neighborhood (neighborhood)

Where we're cruising (cruisin)

And you know I looked good (So damn good)

(Lil' Rob)

I Got a Bombita 4'9 trokita

C-H-E-V-R-O-L-E-T- you don't know?

Forty-five player for all my oldies

Forty-five double L for all them phonies

Gots corner windows and a three-fifty

Pedal to the medal I can take off like quickly

Shit I could smoke em like my pistola

Like a Lil' Rob Rola my troka's the bomba

Na it ain't painted homes it's just primered

Backed with some 13's and a sun visor

See it on the website I'm drinking with my primo

WWW-dot- Lil' Rob dot com I can cruise all day

And cruise all night long from sun down till sun up

I'll cruise my troka, I'm a low rider, I told ya, I told ya


(Lil' Rob)

Got a big body F-L-double E-T-W-double-O-D 1993 CADDY

Extended A-arm cause homes I play hard

Hop my carrucha hoppin' down the boulevard

Bumping some rap jams, oldies are rap jams

I'm the outstanding that's why they can't stand me

3-Wheel standing hopping with smooth landings

Fool racks a four-ton the more bounce the more fun

Keeping drinks in my ride if you bring em in

Guarantee to spill some I won't stop till I catch my

Trunk up on fire keep on hopping till I pop a tire

Pass the wire and let it be known I'll pay the chrome

Before I pay the phone, and that's when you know

You're a low rider, with that one

I'm like a leno with no liter


Bump, Bump, Bumpin, Some zap jams, oldies or rap jams

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