LIL ROB - Boo Hoo Hoo lyrics

These fuckin' vatos homeboy

Just don't know when to shut the fuck up ey

I mean, they cry like little fuckin' girls and shit, you know?

It's like, what the fuck is your problem perro?

Quit your cryin' bitches, no llores

Lloresito has an issue, here's some tissue

Toughen up big guy, don't cry, dry your eyes

It's ok, maybe someday you'll find your way without me

But if you play, you pay

You couldn't fuck with me on your best day on my worst day

Been rappin' for a long time it still sounds like your first day

What's worse ey, you think that you put it down like I do

I know you'd like to but you can't dude

That's just somethin' that you can't do

Boo hoo hoo poor you

Chorus -

(Dry your eyes, there is no need to cry)

Quit your cryin' bitches

Boo hoo hoo poor you

Dry your eyes, no need to cry

Keep your pillow dry

(Dry your eyes, there is no need to cry)

Quit your cryin' bitches

Boo hoo hoo poor you

Hey wait a minute dawg, wait a fuckin' minute holmes

Where the fuck do you get off talkin' shit about my neighborhood?

Comin' from you it don't mean shit

‘Cause I know you never claimed a hood

I've been drunk in this high, high in this town

Shot for my town, brought up in this town

Puttin' it down, good times and bad

Hop in the Cad just fuckin' around

And doin' the things that you never did as a kid

But you wish you did

So the things you say now wouldn't be bullshit

Never did shit, never will do shit

I'm from SD 858 but I know you're a 619er

Ese Lil Rob, San Diego, no one does it tighter

Pass the fuckin' wire


Wait a minute, let me get this right then dawg

He disses him, then he disses him

Then he misses him, then they're friends again?

I'm on the other end, smokin' pot with a plot to win

Now they're dissin' me it's obvious to see

They're tryna get the best of me

They're not affectin' me physically or mentally

Wasn't time to mess with me, this shit was meant for me

It was meant to be, sad to see you're sad too bad you're mad

But I'm workin' on my platinum plaque

Then after that they're back to back

I've got places to go, people to see

Go to a show and they're waitin' for me

Better than that, they're payin' for me

It's no wonder why you been cryin' lately


Dry your eyes, there is no need to cry

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