Liars Academy

Liars Academy - Meanstreets lyrics

I got up

I got out

Got a head start to waste my day away

I sit on

The front porch

Wait for Ed McMahon

To take me away

And it he doesn't come

Maybe I can run

Run from the mean streets

Before they suck me in

I walk with

My eyes down hoping no one will ever spot me


Punch the clock

What a way to

Start the workday

And it I can't decide

I'll smoke away my mind

Ignore the meanstreets

Before they suck me in

Keep you here with me

Keep you away from the mean


Keep you here with me

Keep you safe and lonely

And if I had a phone

I'd give you a call

Tell you all about

The life I've made for myself

Maybe I can panhandle my way

My way right out of here

Keep you here with me.

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