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Original Music By:	Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
Performance By:		Led Zeppelin
Bass Performance By:	John Paul Jones

    h q q    e s s s s s s E s E s   q s  s s  s  q Q 3 

  e s s s s s s E s s s s s    e s s s e s e s s s e s  

  s s s s s e s s  ^ ^  2  e s s s e e   s s s s s s e s   e s s s e s s E e e  

  w   h s s e e E   w  

   s E s E h   s E s E s s e q 4  


     __         Created using the Bass Tab Creator
   +|oo|+       by Mario D'Alessio (motcid!marble!dalessio)
     ||         NOTES:
     ||         Capital durations are dotted notes
     ||           (equal to 1.5 times the duration value)
     ||         +----+                   +----+
  _  ||  _      |*--*+  = MEASURE        |4:--|  = TIME
  \_||_//      |*--*+    REPEATS        |4:--|    SIGNATURES
   | [] |       +----+                   +----+
   | || |
  /  []        + = TIE         ^  = TRIPLET           > = BEND
  ______/      H = HAMMER ON     = SLIDE TO FRET     R = Rest
                P = PULL OFF    X = SLIDE TO NOWHERE  ~ = Trill
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