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Everybody told me he was a dream
Picture perfect like he stepped right off the silver screen
Said that he would sweep me off my feet
But I?m still standing ? No he didn?t do it for me
?Cause I don?t go for all that wine and dine
with the Ray Ban / Fake tan / Never mind

I want a down home / Up-with-the-sun-rise man
A pick-up truck driving / Bull riding / Strong steady hand
I want the Wranglers / Stetson / and all that stuff
I want the real McCoy
I want a Cowboy

I?m tired of talking ?bout it / Wasting my time
On all the cheap talkers ? needing me / feeding me lines
Give me somebody who?s tender but tough
Simple and honest / Knows a thing or two about love
I?ve seen enough to know I know what I like
It?s the hard working / head turning / rugged type

Repeat Chorus:

I?ve seen enough to know ? ya know what I mean
Ride me off into the sunset
That?s my thing

Repeat Chorus:

Give me the Wranglers / Stetson / All that stuff
I want the real McCoy
I want a cowboy
I want a cowboy
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