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How could I throw away a miracle?
How could I face another day?
It's all of my doing, I made a choice
And today, I pay
My heart is full of pain

How could you understand, the way I feel?
How could you relate to so much pain?
Seems as though nothing can comfort me
So today, I pray
That someone should listen, for...

Nothing should matter
Not when love grows inside you
The choice is yours
There's a miracle in store...
Nothing should matter
Not when love grows inside you
A voice of love is crying out
Don't throw love away
There's a miracle in store...

How could I let go of a miracle?
Nothing cold ever take its place
Thought I was looking, out for myself
Now it seems the pain
Is all that I have gained
I wonder if I could be your miracle
I wonder if I could spare you pain
Seems as though nothing will comfort me
Lord, less today, I pray
That you should come listen


Don't ever throw away your miracle
Don't let it slip away
Nothing should matter

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